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Sep 25 2012

Vitamins and Rosacea

Rosacea is a condition of the skin characterized by inflammation and redness especially on the foreheads, cheeks, and around the nose. Although the cause of the disorder is still unknown, specific triggers of the symptoms may vary depending on your case. reports that some of the common triggers for the flare up of the disease include heat, emotional stress, and too much sun exposure. Aside from that, the disorder can also be aggravated by specific allergies to ingredients found in cosmetics or foods.

Up to this time, no known cure is available for rosacea but vitamins have a special role to play when it comes to the maintenance and composition of the skin that is why supplementation must never be neglected.


Vitamin B3, also referred to as Niacinamide, is known for its anti-inflammatory characteristics and it is a vital component in several medications to treat acne.

Researchers from Wake Forest University School of Medicine North Carolina conducted a study which was published in a volume of Cutaneous Medicine for the Practitioner” last August 2005 which tested the different effects of applications of creams containing niacinamide on patients with rosacea.

Results revealed that moisturizers which have niacinamde have the capability to strengthen the barrier of the skin while at the same time improving rosacea symptoms.

Vitamin C

When taken in the form of ascorbic acid, Vitamin C has excellent anti-inflammatory properties which act particularly on blood vessels that can reduce irritation and redness on the skin.

Aside from that, it can also control histamine release, which is a chemical that can dilate blood vessels in the body if an allergic reaction occurs. Due to its capability to prevent the excess of blood flow on the skin and reduce redness, vitamin C has many advantages when it comes to controlling redness and swelling associated with rosacea.


A kind of vitamin A, called retinol, is known as a potent antioxidant which can penetrate in the skin barrier and protect it from irritants. Retinol in topical form has been proven to be effective in reducing the symptoms of rosacea which is triggered by sun exposure, according to a study in “Journal of Drugs in Dermatology” published last July 2008.

This study was done by experts and researchers from Washington, at The Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery.

A few patients who are suffering from this skin disorder have found that products with vitamin A derivatives like retinol are being currently studied as possible alternative treatments.

Vitamin E

This kind of vitamin refers to 8 chemicals which act to protect and strengthen the skin from damage caused by the sin. Particularly, vitamin E is active in a layer of the skin called stratum corneum, which is responsible for protecting the body against harmful elements.

Vitamin E also has antioxidant properties which help the skin recover from the stressful toxins in the environments. The protective quality which vitamin E is known for can be effective when it comes to reducing skin irritation brought about by rosacea.

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